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custom jackets

Our customwear is inspired by found used pieces or old clothes that one no longer wears. We make it sustainable by up-cycling old pieces into something of greater value with a new personality. For example an old 80s university jacket is made into a cool army bomber, an original army piece with added zippers, pockets and patches.


Fast fashion is like fast food. after the sugar rush,

it just leaves a bad taste in your mouth.

-livia firth

custom pouches

The first Desperate Tobacco Pouch was made out of desperation from cutting off the the sleeves of my army jacket that I had been using for years. One day, I thought that I should design a handy version for tobacco smokers on the go. And so, the Desperate Tobacco Pouch was created, as well as other custom request pouches from customers. It has a very personal touch.

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